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Find out more about maintaining balanced nutrition for your child, the benefits of adaptive immunity and how to enhance memory and learning through the Complan Knowledge Base! Get access to some excellent, relevant parenting tips, and help your child in his or her all round growth!


You want your children to eat healthy foods that can be peeled, chopped or juiced. And all they really want is something with sprinkles, chocolates, sugar and enough oil to […]


Did you know that for age-appropriate growth and development, your children require more protein per kg body weight than grown-ups do?Children who don’t get enough protein may experience stunted growth, […]


Fussy eating and children go hand in hand. It’s not unusual to see meal time becoming a stressful time for parents because of a fussy eating child. It is normal […]


Childhood is a period of rapid growth and development, and children’s nutritional needs must be met through their diet. A child needs a balanced diet for his/her healthy growth and […]


One thing is for sure- babies and children will grow. As a parent, you realise the importance of physical health and take your children regularly to the doctor for the […]


Feeding your child is the most satisfying yet most time consuming and gruelling jobs of parenthood. Feeding as a process has a huge impact on the parent-child relationship. Did you […]


Protein is our body’s nutritional powerhouse and is very important for children at every stage of growth. But are we giving them enough of it in through our everyday food? […]


As a nation, we love junk food. Be it street food, samosas, burgers, fries or cheesy pizzas, the food options available to us are endless. Even when we’re aware of […]


All parents are aware that their little ones need good nutrition as it’s their best chance to grow and develop properly. Although some essential nutrients play a huge role during […]


If your little ones love carbs, but turn up their noses when it comes to proteins, you may worry that they’re not getting enough nutrients in their body. Protein is […]


Mother: ‘Eat all the food in your plate, it will help you grow!’ Surely most of you have heard this statement from your mother and repeated it to your child? […]


Protein is a very common, but often misunderstood part of our diets. We consume protein in many of the foods that we eat every day, but while making the best […]