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One thing is for sure- babies and children will grow. As a parent, you realise the importance of physical health and take your children regularly to the doctor for the right check-ups. But your child’s growth is more than just about hitting the right percentiles on a height chart. It is a combination of physical, social, emotional, mental and language development.

All children will grow in the same order, but at completely different rates. Children progress through these different growth stages at their own pace. While some children think and learn fast, others might be stronger physically and more active at sports. For some children, language and speech may come easy, while for others, emotional and social interactions could be a cake walk.

What should you know about your children’s physical growth?

When your children grow physically, they also learn to explore and interact with the world around them. But sometimes during their physical growth, you wonder whether your child is overweight or underweight.01

While all children have different growth rates, there are some basic guidelines for what is healthy in terms of children’s weight, and how a combination of good diet and regular activity can help them reach their ideal weight. Irrespective of the birth weight, all children grow at similar rates. But sometimes, the external environment that your children are exposed to may have a huge impact on their growth, be it at home, childcare, school, or extracurricular activity. Frequent illnesses and emotional disturbances during childhood can also make weight dip downwards.

All children have differing rates of metabolism too. Active children may appear thinner, despite healthy nutrition. As long as they maintain a healthy weight for their height and age, there is no cause for worry.

Calculating healthy weight and height

To calculate a child’s healthy weight, other factors like height, age and sex are also important. Children are not meant to get fatter and fatter, but bigger overall. Getting taller is very important for the growth pattern of children. It is important that you keep track of the growth of your child as early detection of an anomaly can help you take corrective measures.

To see your kids grow to their fullest potential, make sure you’re giving them the right nourishment. Track your kids’ current nutrition status based on their food habits through