Protein quality affects your child’s nutrition – Complan


Protein is a very common, but often misunderstood part of our diets. We consume protein in many of the foods that we eat every day, but while making the best protein choices for keeping our body and mind healthy, we often forget that quality is just as important as quantity. All protein foods, in fact, may not be as healthy for us.

Complete and incomplete protein

Proteins are made up of building blocks called amino acids. Twenty of these amino acids commonly make up both plant and animal proteins. Amino acids in food protein can be classified as:

In general, protein is of two types based on the combination of amino acids it contains- complete and incomplete.

Choosing the right protein

When preparing food for your children, it is important that they get the protein which contains all of the essential amino acids. Vegetarians have limited sources of complete proteins. Sources such as sprouted legumes, beans, daals, nuts, milk and milk products and soya bean products, contain all the essential amino acids. But, most other plant-protein sources are incomplete proteins, and that’s why for vegetarian kids, milk is a very important source of protein.

Some options for high-quality protein:

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