Know how much protein your child needs – Complan

Did you know that for age-appropriate growth and development, your children require more protein per kg body weight than grown-ups do?Children who don’t get enough protein may experience stunted growth, malnutrition, permanent mental and physical problems, fatigue, irritability, decreased muscle mass and low immunity.

If you want to build a strong foundation of physical, mental and social health for your children, make sure they get the right amount of protein per day, which varies depending on age and weight.


Are you confused about the exact protein needs of your child? It’s very easy to calculate. Just take your child’s weight in kilograms and multiply it by the appropriate number above to get the grams of protein they need per day. So if your 3-year-old pre-schooler weighs 13 kilograms, that means she needs about 16.7 grams of protein each day.


To see your kids grow to their fullest potential, make sure you’re giving them the right nourishment. Track your kids’ current nutrition status based on their food habits through