8 Ways to include the right kind of junk food in your child’s meals – Complan

You want your children to eat healthy foods that can be peeled, chopped or juiced. And all they really want is something with sprinkles, chocolates, sugar and enough oil to make it tasty and appealing. Most of you are used to this everyday parent vs child battle over junk food, but does it really have to be that way?

If you completely ban junk foods, children will find them more appealing and in fact, crave and demand them more. The best option is to give junk foods a healthy makeover by incorporating child-friendly ingredients in recipes to keep your children happy and healthy. Here are some ideas to include these in your children’s meals.


1. Instead of oily outdoor pizza, try making homemade pizza with whole-wheat dough which is fibre-rich. Use low-fat cheese to slash out unhealthy saturated fats, plenty of vegetables for antioxidants and healthy protein such as chicken or pre-cooked prawns

2. Instead of unhealthy French fries, try making baked sweet potato fries for your children. You can drizzle them with olive oil, which is a healthier oil alternative. Sweet potatoes or yams have less saturated fat and are also good for the eyes.

3. Instead of chocolate cakes and muffins, try yogurt with fresh fruits like strawberries, apples or blueberries. Yogurt is very rich in protein and has multiple health benefits in children.

4.Instead of flavoured potato chips, you can buy brands with baked chips. Also, make sure you choose options that are high-fibre and high-protein.

5. Make your sandwiches healthier by making two small changes – use as little butter as possible or butter only one side of the sandwich, choose wholemeal or wholegrain bread instead of white bread.

6. Instead of letting your children have fizzy soft drinks, make different fresh fruit juices for them every day. You could get creative and mix multiple fruits for juices. Fresh fruits are extremely healthy, help increase appetite and improve digestion in children.

7. If your children love outside fried foods, try making their healthier alternative – fried homemade foods. Most restaurants and eateries re-use oil again and again which makes it very unhealthy. While cooking fried foods at home, make sure the oil is clean and the food isn’t over-fried.

8. Instead of fried chicken, try preparing baked or grilled chicken. You can also remove the skin as it contains lots of fats. Choosing lean cuts of chicken such as chicken breasts is also a healthier option.

To see your kids grow to their fullest potential, make sure you’re giving them the right nourishment. Track your kids’ current nutrition status based on their food habits through