6 ways to improve fussy eating in your child – Complan

Fussy eating and children go hand in hand. It’s not unusual to see meal time becoming a stressful time for parents because of a fussy eating child. It is normal for children to not like the shape, colour, and texture of particular foods. Research says fussy eating is a part of growing up and exploring independence by children. It also happens because their appetites go up and down depending on their activity level and stages of growth. The good news is that as they grow, they are likely to get less fussy. Here are some tips that can help you improve your child’s fussy eating behaviour.


1. Limit snacks between meals except for a glass of milk or pieces of fresh fruits.

2. Stick to a routine for meals and snacks and minimize distractions during eating.

3. Replace sugary drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks with lime or coconut water, fruit juices with no added sugar or a glass of milk enriched with micronutrients.

4. Keep healthy options for finger foods like carrot sticks or cut fruits, as children enjoy eating those.

5. Keep introducing new foods and prepare the foods in creative ways such as cutting fruits and vegetables in fun shapes.

6. Set a weekly or fortnightly date when children can choose some not-so-healthy treats like pizza and remind them that they can have it if they eat healthy the other days.

To see your kids grow to their fullest potential, make sure you’re giving them the right nourishment. Track your kids’ current nutrition status based on their food habits through