FAQ – Complan

Raising a child is a huge responsibility, and one that can often be confusing too. Especially when it comes to nutrition, the dos and don’ts can be overwhelming. Here are the answers to some common parenting questions that will help you figure out what’s best for your child.

Kids are always on the go – if they are not physically working out with sports activities, their brains are doing all the hard work, with studying, music classes and more.

With such a jam-packed schedule, it’s no surprise that mums find their kids making a fuss to eat a traditional meal of dal, rice and vegetables especially with the lure of junk food around the corner.

How do you ensure your child gets all the nutrients he requires under these circumstances?

Fret not! Ask any mother of a child who is brimming with health and always on the go…the secret is invariably Complan – The complete planned food.

For generations astute mothers have relied on this powerhouse of nutrition containing a careful balance of both micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) and macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat).

Complan contains a specially curated mix of 34 vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B6 and B12, which contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, and vitamin C and iron, which contribute to the normal function of the immune system. The mix of micronutrients and macronutrients makes Complan a more comprehensive nutritional option than supplement tablets or tonics (which typically only provide vitamins and minerals), and makes the drinks ideal for growing children.


  • 100% Milk Protein -The protein content in Complan is 100% milk protein, which is a “COMPLETE PROTEIN”. It has all the essential amino acids in the right amount to support maximum growth potential, unlike wheat or malt protein.
  • 34 vital nutrients – Complan is scientifically designed to provide 34 vital nutrients such as calcium, iron, zinc, vitamin A etc. that are essential for growth and development in children.
  • 33% RDA – 2 servings of Complan provide at least 33% of the daily recommended dietary allowance of key growth nutrients, making Complan a complete planned drink.
  • More Protein – Growing children have higher protein needs and Complan contains more protein than other leading health drinks. This helps your child meet his/her daily-recommended protein allowance.

A.2) As the adage goes ‘Kids know best!” So, its true we had modified the flavour and recipe of the chocolate mix but due to an overwhelming demand we have re introduced the ‘Classic Chocolate Complan’ recipe in the market. So yes, your child wasn’t wrong when he noticed the subtle change in flavour – but surprise him this afternoon with his favourite drink – just as he likes it, in its classic avatar with all its chocolaty goodness.

A.3) There are some kids who spend hours pushing food around in their plates. Fussy eaters are every mum’s nightmare. At times like these, it’s especially important to maintain a good balance of nutrients in your diet. This is when Complan can help.

Complan is an easy and tasty way to provide your body with all-important nutrients, including B vitamins which help you release energy and give you that extra oomph whenever and wherever you need it.

  • Complan provides essential nutrients in a balanced mix of 34 vitamins and minerals, protein, fat and carbohydrate
  • It’s a particularly good source of B vitamins which help release energy
  • It comes in a delicious range of flavours
  • Simply mix Complan with milk or water for quick and easy drink

Also it’s not the quantity of food but the quality. Eating junk food or empty calories needn’t necessarily constitute a balanced diet.

Start each day with a glass of Complan which provides a balanced mix of nutrients way over breakfast cereals and other energy mixes. So ensure your child supplements his meal with a glass or two of Complan every day.

A.4) Height is the only tangible marker of nutrition. Linear growth is augmented by milk protein as studies suggested. The protein content in Complan is 100% milk protein, which is a “COMPLETE PROTEIN”. It has all the essential amino acids in the right amount to support maximum growth potential, unlike wheat or malt protein.

In judging the adequacy of dietary proteins to meet human needs, not only the quantity, but the nutritional quality of the dietary proteins also matters. Proteins present in different foods vary in their nutritional quality because of differences in their amino acid composition.

The quality of dietary protein depends on the pattern of essential amino acids it supplies. The best quality protein is the one which provides essential amino acid pattern very close to the pattern of the tissue proteins. Egg proteins, human milk protein, satisfy these criteria and are classified as high quality proteins and serve as reference protein for defining the quality of other proteins

The best source of animal protein for growing children is milk. Milk also provides a good amount of calcium which is normally lacking in vegetarian diets. Eggs also can be used as a source of good quality protein whenever possible.

Milk protein and growth:

Milk protein is of high quality and contains many peptides and bioactive factors that may have specific effects on growth. Observational and intervention studies have shown a positive association between milk or dairy product consumption and height or linear growth in children and adolescents. Thus Complan is the perfect choice being:

  • A Milk based health drink – Nutritional supplement
  • Ideal for growing children –(for the age group of 6-14yrs)
  • High quality and high quantity protein
  • 100% protein from
  • Milk protein contains all essential Amino Acids