Complan – New Plan for growth

A child’s growth is measured, not in inches.
But in landmarks reached.

A child should not be ranked on the basis of the scores he gets.
But on the subjects he chooses.

A child’s popularity is not judged by the number of friends he has.
But by the number of hours he spends with a friend.

A child’s character is built not just by caring for himself.
But for others as well.

A child’s tomorrow should not be determined by your decisions alone.
But by theirs as well.

Because only when we as parents support our children in every facet of life, can they hope to
achieve all round growth

Gone are the days when a child's growth was measured in inches and kilos. Today, growth has become much more than that. Today, growth is influenced by the body's ability to adapt to different environments.

Growth is also determined by curiosity. It is determined by the need to constantly ask questions in quest for answers. Today, growth is shaped by social skills. By interactions with friends, peers and adults, where age is never a part of the conversation.

Today, growth has become a  product of empathy, where you don't just care about yourself, but others as well. Today, growth is about all round development. Because no one aspect is more important than the other. And today, the only thing that can aid all round growth and development is good nutrition.


Here's a simple truth that all of us already know- not every child is the same. They need to be taken care of in different ways, because each one of them has their own unique needs. And this uniqueness is what makes them so special to us, isn't it!

Then why should we apply the same growth 'plans' for all of them? Presenting Complan New Plan for Growth - a tool that will provide you with a customised plan for YOUR child, keeping his/her needs in mind. Verified by renowned nutritionists, child psychologists and paediatricians, this tool will cover all the essential topics, namely

  • Nutritional habits
  • Physical growth
  • Mental growth
  • Social and emotional development

So what are you waiting for? Get a customised plan for your child now!